Darren and Steve dive deep into speculation on David Lee Roth releasing a newly-recorded version of "Panama;" Steve's big mea culpa, Wolfgang Van Halen does two Van Halen songs at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert (and is amazing!) and if that was Dave's rationale to releasing a VH song. And will Dave release more from the May 2022 sessions? Or more songs from the sessions with John 5? And is Diamond Dave invited to the next Taylor tribute concert in Los Angeles? 

On this edition of "The DLR Cast" -- recorded less than 24 hours before David Le Roth released some new (old) music -- Steve and Darren dig into the latest news related to the members of Van Halen. And believe it or not, almost everyone has made headlines in some form since episode #69 came out!

Steve and Darren dissect and discuss a whole bunch o' David Lee Roth and related things: Digging "A Little Ain't Enough," where Dave's new songs won't get played, Gary Cherone's thoughts on a Van Halen tribute show, David Crosby, Ray Luzier, tribute and cover bands, the 2001 Philadelphia Spectrum show, and more.

Then, Darren talks with actor and writer Sam Ingraffia! Sam has been in over 100 movies and television shows including "Wall Street," "Used Cars," and recently in the HBO series "Barry." Sam talks about how his career got started, Van Halen, and having lunch with Dave about possibly being in Dave's feature film that wasn't, "Crazy From The Heat."

Another new David Lee Roth song! Darren and Steve banter about the just-released-barely-an-hour-after-the-last-episode-of-this-podcast new DLR song, "Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Back Then Anyway." The new songs equal half an album! And the videos for that album? Just the one by John 5.

Plus, the possible John 5 interview that wasn't...when this song may have been recorded, the lyrics and some other takes on this very cool song.

And still more chat about the highly-unlikely Van Halen tribute tour, and some thoughts about brand extension and legacy. "Nothin' but yeah!"

Just hours before the release of Diamond Dave's latest song ("Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Back Then Anyway"), Darren and Steve connected to talk about the current state of all things of DLR. Darren also talks about Dave's "Unclaimed Funds" and how he tried to be of help. Plus the usual sidebars about classic Dave and what we wish we had answers to in Rothland.

Then, Darren speaks with rock icon Edgar Winter. Winter's latest album, "Brother Johnny," is a star-studded tribute to his brother Johnny Winter. Winter worked with Dave in the 1980s and 1990s on various projects, and some questions are asked about that within the interview.

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Darren and Steve debate Dave's very short response to the recent article at Rolling Stone about Eddie Van Halen, and Wolfgang's recent interview with Rolling Stone. Plus, the tribute concert: The one question that hasn't been asked? Various speculation and information, and...has Dave been recording very recently?

Then, Darren speaks with vocalist and musician Marc LaFrance. If that name sounds familiar its because Marc sang background vocals on Dave's "A Little Ain't Enough" album and on a vertiable ton of music by Loverboy, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Cher, Carly Simon, Blue Murder, The Cult, The Scorpions, Poison and more, plus music by Scholastica Books. He has also been part of countless commercials and advertising campaigns! Marc tells why "Dave was amazing to work with" at Little Mountain Studios, Dave's climbing wall there, "wafts of herb" via the Diamond One and other good stuff. For more on all that Marc does, please visit MarcLaFrance.com.

Darren and Steve dig into David Lee Roth's newest song, "Painting At The Moon" that just dropped. When was it recorded? Is it from the "album" recorded with John 5? What is he singing about? Plus, additional thoughts, ideas and speculation on the Dave insider news, his supposed retirement, health issues and much more.

If the name Bob Marlette sounds familiar is that you probably have an album he's produced, engineered, mixed, played, on or wrote songs for! He's worked with David Lee Roth on the "DLR Band" album, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Rob Halford, Tracy Chapman, Black Sabbath, Seether, Atreyu and so many others. Darren and Bob talk about how he got started in music, his experiences with so many artists, songrwriting and, of course, working with Dave and John 5 on the "DLR Band" sessions.


This week, Darren and Steve dig deep into two big stories and David Lee Roth and Van Halen news. Starting first with the great (transcribed) interview a Van Halen-themed podcast did with a VH insider -- and that person had a LOT to talk about!

Alongside that, there's the recent story of the former music journalist who befriended Eddie Van Halen via email, and EVH sure told him a lot over nearly five years! SO much to unpack from both those stories: Eddie's relationship with Dave, the reunion, the end, Dave's health, unreleased music in...Dave's basement (?!), the "kitchen sink tour" and much more.

Also, how that all ties in the recently-leaked Van Halen reunion from Eddie Trunk.

At the top, Darren and Steve discuss the death of keyboardist/musician Brett Tuggle. Brett played with Dave on the Eat 'Em & Smile tour, played on and co-wrote three songs (including "Just Like Paradise") on Skyscraper, toured with Dave for Your Filthy Little Mouth and (possibly) helped out putting together Dave's 2019 band. Brett was also in Fleetwood Mac for 20 years, played with Lindsey Buckingham solo and also played with a slew of others, including Jimmy Page, Rick Springfield, David Coverdale, John Kay and Steppenwolf, Styx’s Tommy Shaw, and Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels. Plus, 

Remember when DLR replaced Howard Stern? This week's interview is with a guy who helped get Dave ready for that gig, Gary Marino. Gary is a Boston-area native who has spent time with David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone. He's a jack-of-all-fun trades: tours all over New England with the comedy and rock & roll band World Gone Crazy, is the founder and producer of Cape Cod Comedy Fest, a producer, writer, director and DJ. He's got great stories of spending time with all of Van Halen's lead singers, thoughts on Dave's time on the radio, DLR's solo albums and much more!

You can find Gary Marino on Facebook and at MarioCreative.com and see World Gone Crazy throughout Maine and Massachusetts this summer.

Darren and Steve speculate on Dave's recent trip to Mexico, thanks to a video from an intrepid Fox reporter at Los Angeles International Airport. Was it a private gig? Is Dave coming back? Did he really retire? Plus, Darren re-reads "Crazy From The Heat" and a lot of mystery leads to a lot unknown.

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