Darren and Steve talk with music journalist Steven Rosen, author of the huge and awesome book, "Tonechaser: Understanding Edward: My 26-Year Journey With Edward Van Halen." The book tells the tale of Rosen's friendship with Eddie, from first their meeting (at a Cheap Trick show at the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles in 1977!) to how it ended in 2003, and everything in between. Steven tells how, after many years, he ended up writing the book, the labor of love and dedication it became -- 580 pages! -- Neil Zlozower contributing never-before-published photos, his thoughts on Valerie Bertinelli, Michael Anthony, David Lee Roth (of course!), playing guitar with Eddie, interviewing him multiple times and a lot more. 

At the top, your "DLR Cast" hosts touch on the little bit of Dave and DLR-releated news, and the lack thereof.

"Tonechaser: Understanding Edward: My 26-Year Journey With Edward Van Halen" is now available via the author at Facebook.com/TONECHASERBOOK and via Amazon, Reverb, and Etsy. Check out Steven at Facebook and at Instagram: @steven.rosen.guitar.picks.

Sort of an "odds and ends" discussion between Steve and Darren, among the topics discussed on this episode:

- Whether Dave has been recording recently

- Recent placements of VH and DLR classics in modern media

- The green-lighting of "Twister 2"

- A great recent podcast featuring Eric Senich and Greg Renoff

- The infamous McDonald's photo featuring Dave and Eddie

- The John 5 rumor mill

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Its October 10th and that means it's David Lee Roth's birthday! John 5 leaves Rob Zombie's band and might play with Motley Crue on future shows, and...maybe with Dave?

Darren digs into a publicist mystery...or perhaps its not a mystery?

Plus, everything is planned, and Steve and Darren answer a YouTube comment!

Find "The DLR Cast" everywhere you get your podcasts, including YouTube!

For more Darren, check out The Paltrocast on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DarrenPaltrowitz.

Darren and Steve dive deep into speculation on David Lee Roth releasing newly-recorded version of "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" and "Dance The Night Away," recent Van Halen-related news and whether the DLR or VH camps are doing anything about it, the upcoming Taylor Hawkins tribute show in Los Angeles, and a bit more. Nothin' but yeah. Sorta.

Darren and Steve slice and dice Sammy Hagar's interview at RollingStone.com, what was said, what wasn't, and might have been said or not said, but should have been said, which is...tiring. Plus, thoughts on this year's Taylor Hawkins tribute shows, what Dave should and could be doing, and the awesome Mojo Dojo channel on YouTube is a must-see!

Darren and Steve dive deep into speculation on David Lee Roth releasing a newly-recorded version of "Panama;" Steve's big mea culpa, Wolfgang Van Halen does two Van Halen songs at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert (and is amazing!) and if that was Dave's rationale to releasing a VH song. And will Dave release more from the May 2022 sessions? Or more songs from the sessions with John 5? And is Diamond Dave invited to the next Taylor tribute concert in Los Angeles? 

On this edition of "The DLR Cast" -- recorded less than 24 hours before David Le Roth released some new (old) music -- Steve and Darren dig into the latest news related to the members of Van Halen. And believe it or not, almost everyone has made headlines in some form since episode #69 came out!

Steve and Darren dissect and discuss a whole bunch o' David Lee Roth and related things: Digging "A Little Ain't Enough," where Dave's new songs won't get played, Gary Cherone's thoughts on a Van Halen tribute show, David Crosby, Ray Luzier, tribute and cover bands, the 2001 Philadelphia Spectrum show, and more.

Then, Darren talks with actor and writer Sam Ingraffia! Sam has been in over 100 movies and television shows including "Wall Street," "Used Cars," and recently in the HBO series "Barry." Sam talks about how his career got started, Van Halen, and having lunch with Dave about possibly being in Dave's feature film that wasn't, "Crazy From The Heat."

Another new David Lee Roth song! Darren and Steve banter about the just-released-barely-an-hour-after-the-last-episode-of-this-podcast new DLR song, "Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Back Then Anyway." The new songs equal half an album! And the videos for that album? Just the one by John 5.

Plus, the possible John 5 interview that wasn't...when this song may have been recorded, the lyrics and some other takes on this very cool song.

And still more chat about the highly-unlikely Van Halen tribute tour, and some thoughts about brand extension and legacy. "Nothin' but yeah!"

Just hours before the release of Diamond Dave's latest song ("Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Back Then Anyway"), Darren and Steve connected to talk about the current state of all things of DLR. Darren also talks about Dave's "Unclaimed Funds" and how he tried to be of help. Plus the usual sidebars about classic Dave and what we wish we had answers to in Rothland.

Then, Darren speaks with rock icon Edgar Winter. Winter's latest album, "Brother Johnny," is a star-studded tribute to his brother Johnny Winter. Winter worked with Dave in the 1980s and 1990s on various projects, and some questions are asked about that within the interview.

Thanks for listening!

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